Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New at RRRC: Swiftwick technical running socks

Swiftwick's socks have one of the highest needle construction count on the market: 200 needle construction. This gives the sock a long lasting, soft finish and a better fit, eliminating any shifting or bunching and the risk of blisters.

There are three different styles (zero, one and four) that RRRC carries, which vary by the height of the cuff. The cuff has compression in it which means it will give the sock a better fit (it will not slide down into the shoe) and it will help with performance and recovery like performance compression products.

Swiftwick socks are made with Olefin, a Nobel Prize winning wicking textile that retains only .01% of its weight. This means it will keep your feet dry and cool.

So if you are looking for a new training or race day sock, come in today and try a pair of Swiftwick running technical socks. Share/Save/Bookmark