Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day Light Savings Time

Has the time change left you running in the dark during your normal early morning training run? Or are you enjoying the late extra hours of sunshine in the evening, but concerned about the extra sun expose on your skin? RRRC can make either run more enjoyable.

With a Petzl headlamp, your next step will be safer and more predictable by lighting the course ahead. We carry four different options depending on your needs and the environment you are running in: Tikka XP, Tikka plus, Zipka plus, and the e+lite.

Nathan reflective vests and belts allow drivers to see you before the faint sunshine of dawn comes out. We carry a variety of styles of vests from bright orange to a fitted silver one. The Nathan reflective belt gives both protection and has a handy pocket to hold keys, gels, or even a small cell phone.

Some of our running technical apparel items contain reflective materials, but if you want to add some extra reflection, try some reflective Dots and Dashes from Nathan. They stick on clothing, handheld bottles, or your running shoes.

If the extra sunshine in the evening is your concern, RRRC has hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and sunsleeves to help protect your skin and eyes from the harmful UV rays.

From Tifosi and Ryders, keep your eyes protected with lightweight stylish sunglasses. We have several different styles, some contain polarized lens, interchangeable lens, or even special Fototec lens that darken up when the sunlight hits them.

If skin protection is an issue, from Hawaiian Island Creations we sell both SPF 30 and 50 waterproof, UVA + UVB protection, 2X sunblock. Its science based and athlete proven, and from a pale skinned Irish girl's own personal use, this sunscreen works and doesn't come off with perspiration like regular sports sunscreen.

If you are concerned with the use of sunscreen, we sell sunsleeves from Pearl iZumi, lightweight white arm sleeves with UPF 50+ sun protection on top and direct vent mesh on the bottom. They have superior moisture transfer and are so soft that you won't notice that you have something on your arm.

Stop in today to make the time change more bearable. Questions? We would be happy to answer them. Personal reviews of any of the items? Please leave a comment; we always like to know others opinions! Hope to see you in the store!Share/Save/Bookmark

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