Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Your Guide to Recovery

Are your spring and summer months going to be filled with races and long training runs?? Do you have a history of long recovery breaks or nagging lower body injuries? RRRC has a few solutions, that we will feature over the next few days, to shorten that recovery time and help prevent those injuries from returning.

Active and Recovery Compression
from 2XU and Zoot

2XU uses a circular knit construction in their garments that incorporates medical industry technology to make a 360 degree stretch and a more powerful fabric pretension. They use high gauge denier fabric, 50 denier as standard and 50/70 denier combination in the elite styles, which helps preserve the tightness of the compression. 2XU's compression helps speed the blood up to the heart, reducing fatigue and muscle damage, leading to greater endurance and a faster recovery.

All Zoot compression is made of their CompressRX material that has between 18 and 30 MMHG of pressure, which is more than other sports compression apparel and close to medical grade. Zoot's active compression has been proven to reduce lactic acid build up by 29% and reduce perceived effort by 25%, so not only will it help with recovery, it will assist in performance. The recovery-specific compression has been proven to reduce recovery time by 40%. All contains anti-microbial SilverTech fabric to assist in wicking away moisture and keep odor away.

From personal experiences, we have found that the Zoot active compression has an overall tighter compression to it. This can be positive for those who are in need of a very tight compression, but can be uncomfortable for some during a long run or race. Make sure if you are going to try active compression to train with it to make sure you will be comfortable wearing it for the needed amount of time.

During Activity:

2XU Compression Race Sock

Zoot Compression Sock

Calf Guard from 2XU

Calf Sleeve from Zoot

Men's and Women's Elite Compression Tights from 2XU

After Activity:
From 2XU

Compression Tights

Compression Leggings

Arm Sleeves

Recovery Sock

Calf Sleeves

CompressRx Tights from Zoot

The RRRC staff uses Zoot's CompressRx recovery tights and have found that wearing them after long training runs and races, recovery is significantly faster than previously without them. I included have used and will continue to use them after marathons and long runs. After the Las Vegas marathon, since my training wasn't quite adequate, I was expecting to be sore for a long time after and not be able to run well for a few weeks. But once I arrived home after the race, I quickly put on my tights and wore them that day and the following and was back to running within the week. Another compression item that is used by some members of our staff is 2XU's Race Sock. Brent suffered from a calf muscle pain when he was younger and recently inflamed it again. He uses the socks religiously to help alleviate the pain during his runs and reduce soreness after...And check out Eric's blog about his own personal recovery routine!

Come in and try compression garments for yourself and see what a difference they do make. If you have any questions about using any of the products we would be glad to assist you!

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