Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fat Boy 5k

On Saturday the entire RRRC staff was out at the 2nd annual LVTC Fat Boy 5k. The rain held off for the race; it was a little chilly but much more bearable than if it had rained. There were about 130 people who joined us in starting our day off with a nice run.
We all enjoyed ourselves during the run. Jessica Destito took second place woman with a time of 19:05.3. Brent Bowers took third for his age group with a time of 20:34.0 and was followed soon through the finish by Sean McFarland with a time of 20:51.9, taking first in his age group. Leslie Wills came in at 24:06.6 taking first for her age group. I came in at 25:28.9, fourth in my age group. Kayla was out at the water station at the finish line, welcoming back the runners and hydrating them with Strawberry Heed.
Bethaney, Melissa, Dave Peterson, Brent, Jessica, and Devin
after the race

Devin Mancuso, one of the RRRC race team runners, took overall first place. Melissa Roche took first place woman and third overall. The age group awards included a bottle of syrup, a giant can of chili, M&Ms, cookie dough, and other fun gag food items. All runners were awarded a can of beer, a donut, and sausage to go with the race theme. Hope everyone had as good time out at the race as we did! I look forward to running it next year, making it my third time. Share/Save/Bookmark

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