Monday, February 8, 2010

Congratulations RRRC Race Team!!!

This past weekend the RRRC race team was out in force, proving what they do best: winning races!

On Saturday, at the Kendall Tenney Make a Wish 5k, Stephen Morgan took first place with an official time finish of 17:17. The women's first place went to Melissa Roche with a time of 19:02 and third place went to our own RRRC manager Jessica Destito, finishing her first 5k race with a time of 19:32.

At the Surf City Huntington Beach marathon on Sunday, Matt Wilse washed away the competition not only taking first place but also setting a PR with an official time of 2:37:19.

Congratulations to our hardcore RRRC runners and to all of those who participated in the races over the weekend!

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