Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Powerbar Gel Blast Flavors!!

To add to their already existing flavors, Cola and Lemon, Powerbar has come out with two new flavors: Raspberry and Strawberry Banana. Gel blasts can be taken before and during activity as a source of energy and a substitute for gels. Gel blasts are easier on the stomach and faster digested due to the stimulation of chewing, rather than the gels. Raspberry, like Lemon, contains no caffeine, whereas Strawberry Banana, like Cola, contains caffeine, 25 mg in Strawberry Banana, 50 mg in Cola. The new flavors are dead on and equally liked by all the RRRC staff. Come and try some your self!


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David said...

Just to be clear they dropped the lemon and cola. The vast majority of our swim team thought the raspberry was horrible, haven't tried the strawberry banana yet. Cola was our favorite, we will be looking at other brands now. Our team is very disappointed.