Thursday, July 2, 2009

Red Rock Running Company Long Runs!

Whether you are a beginner runner looking to make it to the finish line of your first marathon, or an experienced marathon runner looking to spice up your training, we’ve got a free alternative to a marathon training program.
In addition to our regular 5:30pm No Whining Wednesday night tempo runs, starting July 11th we will now offer a Saturday long run at 7:30 am* (starting September 5th at 6:00am). With a tempo/speed work done on Wednesday, the dreaded long run (not so lonely anymore!) on Saturday, and a few extra days during the week on your own, you’ve got yourself a training program.
Not only will you get a chance to meet people, make friends and train, we will also offer monthly free seminars covering a variety of different topics to help get you to the start and finish of the marathon. And if that’s not enough of an incentive for you, there will also be more free goodies throughout the weeks to make it worth running all those miles and sticking to a training schedule.
So put on your running shoes, grab your water bottle, and come join us. Hope to see you soon!
*The store will temporarily open at 7:00 am, so if you need to buy a few gels for the run you can do so at that time, and then reopen at 9:30 am (normal business hours 10 am-5pm) for those participates who may need a place to cool down, refill water, or buy some supplies for their other weekly runs. A table outside the store will provide water and heed to fill up your water bottles before and during the run.


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