Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Marathon 101 Seminars

Join us after our 6 am Go Long or Go Home Saturday group runs for a series of informative seminars to help prepare those planning on running their first marathon, or seasoned marathoners still learning to perfect their training and race day plan, or who want to share their own personal experiences. The seminars in August will start at 8 am, later dates will start at 9 am, giving those participating in the long run time to cool down, or grab some coffee or protein to rejuvenate. And to make it even more worth it, we'll be raffling off a few cool RRRC store items! If you are interested in coming please RSVP by sending us a quick email at redrockrunningco@gmail.com or letting us know on our facebook site http://www.facebook.com/redrockrunningcompany?ref=profile . Hope to see you there!

August 1 at 8 am: Preparing for Your First Marathon
August 29 at 8 am:
Hydration: Everything you Need to Know about H20
September 26 at 9 am:
Nutrition: The Secret Key to Keep You Going
October 24 at 9 am:
Apparel: Running Naked is NOT a Good Option
November 21 at 9 am:
Finalizing Your Race Day Plan;

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