Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Western States Endurance Run

In 1955, 5 horsemen and their horses rode across the Western States trail to prove that they could cover 100 miles in one day. The trek became known as the Tevis Cup "100 mile-1 day" ride. In 1974, Gordon Ainsleigh joined them to prove that you could do the same on foot. It took him 23 hours and 42 minutes. In 1977, the Western States Endurance run was born. 14 men from 4 different states competed. Only three men finished the race. The following year, the race broke away from the Tevis Cup and was held a month earlier. The race adopted 21 aide stations and 6 medical tents. There were 63 competitors that year, including Pat Smythe who was the first women to complete the course; with a time of 29:34.

The 36th Western States Endurance Run is being held this Saturday.

Good Luck to Josh Brimhall and Casey Harney, and all the other runners who are competing!

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Eric Herdman said...

Follow Josh and Casey here http://ws100.com/home.html. The race starts Saturday at 5AM.