Saturday, June 6, 2009

Running in a Skort

By: Katie
I've always been against skirts, not just running skirts, but skirts in general. Last year I read an article devoted to running skirts. As I read it, the thought of running in a skirt was burned into my head with a solid "NO!"
I stayed with my shorts as women continued to buy skirts and they rose in popularity. I clutched to them even as Juliet and Regan tried to convince me otherwise. Yet, I stuck to my shorts, in my mind, skirts just weren't for me.
However, recently while contemplating what to write next for the blog, I walked by a skirt and the thought, "How about trying out a skirt versus your beloved shorts?" popped into my head. I toyed with the idea for a few moments, then grabbed a few different types to try on. I finally settled on the Moving Comfort Endurance Skort, and bought it before I could change my mind.
So the following day I challenged myself to wear the skirt out on a run, I slid it on.Even though it was the same length of my favorite pair of shorts, I still felt as if it was more revealing.
All throughout the first mile I felt as if each car that drove by was staying and commenting about this girl running alongside of the road in a skirt, what must she be thinking?!
Yet as the miles continued my paranoia faded and I began to feel how free a skirt feels I became more comfortable with it. It had a similar feeling to that of running in a pair of spandex, yet has much more covering than a normal pair of spandex.
While I have changed my mind about running in skirts, I still prefer my shorts. But I see it as a similarity between wearing the same pair of running shoes and how it feels like home. So while my shorts are like home, my skirt has definitely become like a vacation home that I will visit quite often.

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