Saturday, April 11, 2009


Juliet Lord joined the team at RRRC in April of 2007. She has run 12 marathons, plenty of half marathons,10ks and a triathlon. She is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and massage therapist. This year, she will be running the Boston Marathon, and hopefully the New York Marathon (lottery). She will also be running her first 50K the Siskiyou out and back in July.


How many years have you been running?
25 years-ugh I'm old!
What road shoes are you currently running in?
Adistar Control 5
What are your favorite running shorts?
Brooks Element short
What is your favorite running shirt?
Asics Singlet
What is your go-to sock?
What is your favorite hydration method?
Long runs: Nathan Hydropack
Short runs: Amphipod Handheld
What is your favorite accessory to train or race with?
Regan or iPod if alone
What is your favorite pre-long run fuel?
Chocolate Powerbar
What's your favorite place to run in Las Vegas?
Pittman Wash or Red Rock
What was your last race?
Fatboy 5k
What is your best race distance?
marathons- long and slow
What is your favorite race?
Jay Mountain Marathon

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