Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's getting cold outside...

Well... not really cold but it is getting cooler for us in Southern Nevada.

We have our Fall & Winter apparel in stock and ready to keep you running in the cool mornings and the chilly evenings.

We have the following in stock-

Long sleeve tops
-crew neck and zip

Hoodies (super soft and yet technical) for the ladies

Tights, running pants and capris for women

Base layer tops from Craft for the really cold runs

-different styles and weights to give you the best fit and level of warmth

Beanies, ear wraps and headbands with the hole for your ponytail (the girls in the store say these are "super cute"

Arm warmers - wear your favorite T and add these for the perfect long run warmth.

For the really cold and windy days add a vest. Mens vest from Pearl Izumi and really cool Brooks vests for women.

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