Sunday, October 26, 2008

Don't complain about your blisters ever again

These pictures are from RRRC Race Team Member Mark Jaget. Mark just completed the 6 day Jungle Marathon in the Amazon Jungle. That's right 6 days of running a race. A different distance every day. The shortest was about 15 miles the longest 40 miles. Yea, that's hardcore! If that's not enough... he came to run!

Nothing like a 20 miler in a swamp!

He finished 4th overall - first American! Of course, his best place and stage was the 40 miler. Go long or go home!

About to finish. Note the hat!

Now about the blisters... Check out his feet.

Mark getting blood removed from a blister

Let them heal!

So, the next time you think about whining about your blisters just think of these pictures and... shut up and run! Congrulation Mark! What's next?

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