Saturday, September 13, 2008

Two Hours at Bootleg Canyon

Today, I implemented one of my many NEW practices to strengthen and prevent injury... I ran the trails at Bootleg Canyon. As many of you know I started my ultra running career on the trails, running almost all of my 100 miles a week on the trials. Then I switched to the road for all of my running and racing. Well... after last summers massive injury I put together a list (A big one) of things I need to do as a runner to avoid/prevent injury. One of those items on the list was RUN TRAILS!

At 7:30AM today Josh Brimhall (2008 winner of Tetons 100 miler and 2nd place at the World Of Hurt last year) and I took off on part of the WOH course. I was, in a way, dreading this little sub 2 hour run. Because, I haven't been on the trails for over a year and I am not a great trail runner.

It's not so bad... I said to myself after 20 minutes on the trail. We ran a controlled pace up and down the rugged and technical trails of Boy Scout, Caldera, River Mountain and West Leg.

Many hours later...

I know why I need to continue to do this run 2-3 times a week. I am not beaten up, pounded and run ragged that all road running can do to you!

If you have not been on the trails at Bootleg, get your butts out there and hit the dirt. It will do you some good! And then register for the WOH 34 miler or 25K fun run on October 25th.

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