Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Steve Morgan's race report from Boston

Here is Red Rock Running Company's Race Team Member Steve Morgans's race report from the Boston Marathon.

I showed up at the start in Hopkinton and everything was perfect. No injuries, healthy, winds calm, front of the first corral. Perfect. Went thru the 5k at 17:40, under my goal but felt easy. 10k the same, 35:33 and feeling relaxed and confident. At 8 miles felt a blister forming on the ball of my right foot. Not unusual for me to blister but never this early. A little concerned. Went through the half at 1:16:31 still looking good and everything feeling easy. At mile 17 I started a little limp to take off the pressure from the blister. Was praying the pain would subside when it broke but it only seemed to get worse. I was useless in the hills, I could not push off the ball of my right foot and this is one of my strengths. To make matters worse I started to get pain on the outside of my left knee from limping.

The last 10k is always tough but this was my worst. My left leg was so tired and my blister was on fire everytime I touched down. Had to really talk myself thru to the end. Was really disappointed with my time of 2:46:09 when I crossed the line. It was the ideal conditions for a PR and I was shutdown with a blister of all things. Went straight to the medic tent and seeing the area of damage and all the blood I realized how lucky I was to salvage a 2:46. They bandaged me up for the excruciatingly painful 2 mile walk back to my condo.

In all it was still great to participate in such a historic event and my family and I had a wonderful time in Boston. All they seemed to care about was that I beat Lance!

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