Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No 100K! However, 5K will do and then a 50 Miler

WOW! I could not get to Madison, WI. for the 100K US Championships last week. The inspection of the MD-80 had me grounded! I never left Las Vegas.

What to do...

Find another race... there was nothing to race then weekend of the US 1ook championships so I decided to hold my taper and go to San Francisco and race a 50 miler on the roads on April 19th. The Ruth Anderson 50 miler is one of the oldest ultras in the United States. There are always some smoking fast ultra peeps that show up to kick some ass on this course. The competition is always fast and the field is deep being that it is in Northern California - the ultra running mecca of the world!

What to do until the 50 mile race?

We were doing the timing for the Mutts and Masters 5K on Saturday so I ran 10 miles before the race , ran the 5K race and then did another 4 miles after the race. Then I did a short long run on Sunday and then resumed my taper. Hope it holds.

More after the race on the 19th. Until then, thanks for all of your helpful and kind messages about the race (not getting to the race) last weekend.

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