Sunday, April 20, 2008

It wasn't Madison... but it was cold and windy

One week, 4 flights, 3 hotels, 2 rental cars & 13 miles shorter... my trek to get to a race continued... And it was all worth it!!!!

Yesterday at 6:30am was the start of the Ruth Anderson 50 Miler in San Francisco. 7:02 later I had won the 50 miler. The weather was way less than perfect. 40-50 degrees, winds 35-40MPH, gusts to 45-50MPH. It totally sucked!

Everything went as planned. Pace, food, hydration and mental were all operating ok.

This was a great long run for my prep for the Cornbelt 24 Hour race in Iowa in two weeks.

Now all I have to do is recover fast, train for a few days and run all day and night in the middle of Iowa on a quarter mile track for 24 hours. That will make 40 MPH winds seem like nothing!

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Red Rock Running Company said...

Eric here...

Thanks for all of you who helped me get to this race, worked in the store and helped me after with my recovery and foot care. Dr. Henry you are the best !!!! I only lost two toe nails. My feet were the best ever after a 50 miler.