Friday, April 25, 2008

Danny Murphys Rage Tri Race Report

Here is Red Rock Running Company's Race Team Member Danny Murphy's race report from the April 19th Rage Half Iron Tri. Danny kicked some ass in this tri... hardcore racing!!!

My race started perfect with a clean start and within a few hundred yards I realized I was in the lead, that scared me since I've never led the swim portion of a triathlon before. With a hundred yards to go I let the two that were drafting me come around so I could my heart rate down. I exited the swim in third, I was in perfect position.

Once on the bike I really felt at home putting the hammer down like it was the olympic distance. The bike was amazing that day and I was in the lead by mile one preceding to gain an eleven minute lead by the end.

Coming into transition to the sight of my wife and kids are the best parts of my race... They always support me. Starting the run was great seeing friends coming in from the olympic distance race and cheering for each other. I felt confident and comfortable on the run since I had run well in two halfs the past seven weeks. Shortly after the turn around I saw the second place guy and he looked like he was flying so I picked it up a bit. This run was brutal, lots of gravel and rocks.

Mile ten came and went but at mile eleven my right quad completely vapor locked... I was in trouble, it stopped me in my tracks and I had this weird upright stance thing going on trying to get it to release. After a few minutes it began to subside enough to walk and after a few more minutes I began running again... All I kept thinking was thats it I just blew an eleven minute lead. By mile twelve my forearms were starting to cramp... My hour in a half to two hours a day of training had expired! I was maxed out to the limit.

I ended up winning in 4:44:10 by seven minutes. It's been four years since I've raced this distance. I can't wait to race this distance again. Next half iron will be in Lubbock, Texas on the 29th of June. It's an Ironman qualifier and if I get my spot I'm going.

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