Sunday, March 23, 2008

Next... Mad City 100K

My next ultra will be in Madison, Wisconsin April 12th. The Mad City 100k is the USATF 100k road championship. This race will be an ass kicker! The field is ALL QUALITY! If you come to this race you had better do just that... race and race fast!

Some other factors that make this 10, 10K loop race interesting is the weather. Madison in April? Hummmm... 20 degrees, wind and snow or 65 degrees and sunny. Who knows? It can go either way. Also, the race is self supported. Each racer will use bottle service. I plan to place bottles at the 5k and 10k mark. On each bottle I'll have a gel and a couple of Endurolytes. Grab and go will be the motto of the day on aid station use. In and out and nobody gets hurts!

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