Sunday, January 6, 2008

24 hour treadmill run

The race is full!!!

1-8-2008, 10:38AM

Adidas is the MAJOR product sponsor of the event. I just received a huge box of goodies from them for TEAM MANY! This is some nice stuff! See you all next week.

However, we need support, 2 back-up runners, Starbucks runners and spectators to help us out and make the event a huge success!

The race is locates at Snap Fitness:

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I need 1 support volunteer to help us out during these hours.

Friday Jan. 18
8pm-10pm - FILLED

Saturday Jan. 19

The main help that is needed is in checking in runners as they show up for their one hour run, crewing for them... if they need water or support and help our event timers with miscellaneous tasks. None of this is hard, but it is all important.

If you can help us out call Eric at the store this week 702-870-4786

Back-up runners

Team Many needs 2 back-up runners. These runners are just in case someone gets sick or injured before the event. Obviously, we will call you as soon as we know and we won't call you at 2am and expect you to come in. Team Many would just like a few back-up runners just in case something strange happens in the last few days leading up to the event. Call Eric if you are interested and available on the 18th and 19th.

Starbucks Runners! I'll buy, if you fly!

We (me, my staff, timers and web guy... by the way...we are having a 24 hour web cast complete with time and distance of each runner, pictures and video every HOUR) will need some high energy and nothing gets my team going like Starbucks. We will know the closest 24 hour Starbucks... we just need a runner periodically during the 24 hours. Give Eric call if you are interested.


We cannot run this much without some help from our friends. We need people to stop by during the 24 hours and cheer us on.

Please feel free to stop by for a few minutes or a few hours and see this unique event.

Who should stop by and watch this thing...
  • If you like running
  • If you like treadmills
  • If you always wanted to go to a freak show but didn't know where to find one
  • If you want to see a really cool fitness center (Snap Fitness)
  • If you like watching others in PAIN!
  • If you have nothing to do at 2am on a Saturday morning!
  • If you would like to pledge or donate to the Dan Campbell medical fund (most important reason)
Please try and plan to drop in during the 24 hours.

For additional information or to help us out in any way call Eric at 702-870-4786

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spark said...

I commend you for this great event. I will be there to show my support. I plan to stop by the store and see if I can help in some way.God bless you