Tuesday, December 4, 2007

24 hours on a treadmill and you can run one hour with me

The Idea:
Can one man (Running for 24 hours straight, solo) outrun 24 other runners (Running only one hour at a time-relay style) on a treadmill???

The Race:
Eric Herdman will start running on Friday, January 18 at 12 PM and finish 24 hours later. 24 individuals will race in one hour slots on a treadmill next to him, each of them will have one hour to run as many miles as they can at the end of their time they will switch to a new runner. This continues for 24 hours.

Why do this and participate?
To see what happens, to run a lot AND for charity! The winning team or person will win $1000.00 in prize money for their charity! If Eric wins the prize money goes to his charity (Dan Campbell Medical Fund). If The Many win the money will go to their charities (Divided among all charities chosen).

- Eric Will be running for the Dan "THE RUNNING MAN" Campbell Medical Fund - Dan has built the Las Vegas running community and is the driving force behind "The Las Vegas Running Team." Dan suffered an aneurysm on November 11th.

- "Team Many" efforts will benefit the following charities: Dan Campbell, Friends of Feral Felines, Karno Kids and Opportunity Village - Las Vegas. The charities will receive funds based on the proportionate share chosen on the entry forms.

How to register for TEAM MANY and run one of the one hour slots?
Sign up in person at the Red Rock Running Company .

Registration has been open for 4 hours and we have sold 8 slots and as I am typing this 7 people are on the way to the store to sign up.  Thank you!  I know Dan would laugh really loud at all of us for doing something so crazy!  

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