Saturday, November 10, 2007

The World Of Hurt 50K Race Report

October 27, 2007 7AM
Technical, hilly single track trail
Las Vegas, Nevada
By Eric Herdman RD
Photos by Cliff Braskett

The chilly 7AM start went off on time, sending off 72 runners on to the
Bootleg Canyon trails. The 50K consisted of two 25k loops. The $500 first
place prize money attracted some tough competition. Hal Koerner, Josh
Brimhall and David Goggins were all toeing the line for a chance at the cash
and chance to tackle a tough course. Josh and Hal took the race out fast
and ran together posting a fast 2:02 on the first loop. After buzzing in
and out of the aid station t the 25K mark and heading back out on the the
second and final loop the two started working on each other. Josh taking
the lead by a few seconds, then another aid station would report that Hal
had control of the lead. David Goggins ran solid and strong in third. The
race ends with a short climb up a ridge and then a 1/2 mile down into the
finish area giving spectators a great view of the racing and of the runners
as they approach the finish line. With a half mile to go Hal was just in
front of Josh and despite a hard surge and push from Brimhall, Korner held
him off to take the win by 3 seconds, the $500 and set a tough course
record. Brimhall took home $200 for his amazing effort, David Goggins
secured the third spot for $100 and the spectator favorite award for "most
fit." In the female race, Susan Mikecz took an early lead and held on to
it until the end to take home the $500 first prize. The course lived up to
the name of the race and produced nine DNF's and many left some skin out on
the course. All had a good time and many left saying they will be back next

Place Name No Gender/Age Time
1 Hal Koerner M/31 4:17:40
3 Josh Brimhall M/31 4:17:43
4 David Goggins M/32 5:22:03
5 Jeremy Mikecz M/28 5:30:55
6 Nephi Gold M/33 5:32:51
7 Susan Mikecz F/28 5:36:32
8 Jean Herbert F/51 6:05:39
9 Alanna Thornley F/38 6:09:42
10 Carly Varner F/26 6:34:52
11 Kelly Bradbury F/37 6:37:33
12 Steve Brown M/29 6:43:42
13 Pete Stevenson M/34 6:50:45
14 Jeff Peterson M/30 6:56:46
15 Nathan Eldridge M/24 7:14:14
16 Josh McIntyre M/26 7:15:57
17 Jennifer Henderson F/49 7:19:14
18 Scott Guild M/36 7:23:54
19 Alexis Baca Spry F/34 7:29:21
20 Brian Fredley M/39 7:30:42
21 Scott Gilson M/37 7:48:08
22 Clinton Shumway M/32 7:51:43
31 Started, 22 Finished

25K results, more race information and race pics can be found by clicking here!

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